Responsive Travel

Guatemala is one the world lungs, which means, that the “Land of Trees” is one the countries that provides some of the largest amounts of oxygen to the world. That’s why Desafio Guatemala focuses in this subject –Responsible Travel. We are a company that has been recycling plastic bottles for more than 3 years now, carry on board bags for trash, encourage local to keep the natural environment clean, and educate our staff about such a crucial subject. This year, the count back started for the world in terms of humanity of being in ded when it comes to doing some accounting between what is being consumed and what the earth can produce. All of this is connected like a chain: saving water at the hotels, electricity, paper, the use of disposable bottles, recycling, eating more natural and not wasting food. We want to make awareness of this, so you will perceive that when traveling with us, we will make efforts to keep the country clean and organized to preserve this paradise for you and the world.

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