Social Projects

We believe in Guatemala, we believe in our country, we believe in our people. We believe that if we all help and work together, give the best every day, to each person we find in our way, Guatemala will be even a better country. That’s why some time ago we choose to support and get involved in social projects. We also believe that this theme becomes even more important when it comes to help women. Currently we are helping an specific group of Mayan women called "Ixoquí Ye Samej" located in Santiago Zamora. This project is dedicated to textiles, to sell them and show you the life they live, they traditions, what they eat, how they cook, their homes, their village, their life. The design of their textiles are original from the region, handmade, beautiful, colorful, a piece that’s unique each time it is weaven.

You can visit this project and learn about our traditions held in indigenous towns like this, learn how to make our famous corn tortillas and enjoy a delicious traditional Guatemalan dish: Pepian, known also as our national dish. It is an unique urban experience where these women tell stories about their life dancing and showing you also how they weave.
Each time they have visitors, they are not only joyful to show their traditions, but they also help their community. Desafio Guatemala is a bridge between those who wish to support philanthropically, weather you have the time to visit the village or not, though be sure that your donations help and eventually will improve more and more their community.

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