Learn about the process behind your morning Capuchino or Espresso. The interesting procedure thru which coffee beans go thru, starts all the way from the variety of the species, time of the year which is planted, area, shade, collecting, washing, cleansing, drying, grain selection and finally roasting. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee after learning the different procedures of the production of one of our main exports, achieving its export peak in 1880 and wining in 1888 the award Cest si Bon in Paris, for being the best coffee in world. Other international awards have been won in the US, San Francisco.


Filadelfia Coffee Plantation, one of the biggest coffee plantations in the country, has open their doors to share their traditions of the cultivation and process behind your morning Capuchino.

Well balanced in acidity, this tour will show you the processes involved in growing it, the harvest, bean selection, washing and roasting and ending the tour with an exquisite cup of coffee. This is a 3 hour tour partly riding on a Unimog. Get picked up at the Capuchinas Convent or at the Hotel if you are 4 or more (groups as well).

$ 20.00 per person (No pax minimum)

Book it at reception or at our tour company Desafio Guatemala inside the Hotel. You may choose the schedule you prefer whether in the morning or the afternoon. Available schedules are 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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