Across the Pacific Coast you will find this beautiful region where one of the greatest Mayan archeological places remains: Abaj Takalik, Quiché language for "The Standing Stone". This place stretches over 9 kilometers of huge terraces, stone inscriptions, hieroglyphics and Mayan calendars.

You will also find here the greatest amusement and water parks of Central America, such as Xocomil and Xetulul.

Xocomil is a water park that combines fantasy based on the Mayan architecture and has a variety of pools, slides and many more water attractions!. On the brother park, Xetulul, will amuse you with roller coasters and other attractions surrounded by Mayan and colonial architecture. These parks are unique and only an hour away from the ocean. They are the Guatemalan version of Disney Land, remarkably designed combining modern areas with adapted historical architecture.

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