The Candelaria Caves are part of a large cave system that crosses quite a lot of kilometers of mountainous Guatemala. The caves are famous to the Mayan history. The government of Guatemala declared it national park in 1999. The local Q'eqchi' people are in charge of the management of the site through their “Association Maya Q'eqchi Development and Tourism of Candelaria-Camposanto” and they have accomplished a great experience overall, from eco lodging to local food. Spending the night in this place, is magical. The use natural fire lamps on the natural trails near the entrance to caves and have a warming dining area where they prepare mostly the local dish which is a sort of vegetable soup with Turkey meat called Kaq Ik, served with handmade tortillas and a hot chocolate drink. They also have a small bar where you can also end the night with a local rum drink. While sleeping in the wooden rooms, which are very comfortable, you can hear the sound of the water running out of the cave. Prepare to explore the caves on the following morning. 

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