The Verapaces area is definitely a destination that must be visited since it is one of the cradles of biodiversity in Guatemala. It is simply Paradise.

The King Mark caves were discovered in 1988 and they are still considered as a sacred place. Inside you observe a set of vaults of different sizes within a river that flows inside. In this exciting experience you will see the natural formations of stone, in and out the water. It is amazing to see all of these formations in the lands of Guatemala and furthermore to learn about the history and magic that is hidden inside. There are two options to choose for this tour: the short version and special version which takes longer. For the special longer version our staff will provide with special equipment: lamps, helmets and water boots. For lodging, there is also a camping area, but the preferable option after such an adventure is to stay at our chosen hotel for a relaxing and reenergizing night.

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