Alta Verapaz is located 216 kilometers from the capital city. This province offers different options for ecotourism. The main city in this region is Coban, surrounded by beautiful natural pools, caves, rainforest and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Guatemala is also a paradise for a variety of species of orchids, these beautiful and exotic flowers are naturally found and cultivated in its many species in Coban.

Our national bird is called Quetzal, seen also printed on Guatemala money and it was called by the Mayans “The Serpent Bird” because of its long tail. It is not as small as you could imagine; this medium size bird, with beautiful red and greed feathers, looks even more majestic when you see him fly. It can be easily spotted at the national reserve called the biotopo del Quetzal; attraction which may be combined with the Cloud Forest; an experience that makes you feel like being in the sky.

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