Guided tour, private transportation, including a boat ride, stops when you wish for pictures or food, which takes about a little less than full day. Departing from Antigua, enjoy the beautiful green mountains and colorful crops of a variety of vegetables grown in the lands of Guatemala, the land of eternal spring. A little before arrival stop at the mirador, at enjoy the views of some of the most beautiful volcanoes of Guatemala. Surrounded Mayan villages and the background of San Pedro and Toliman volcanoes, ride the boat and discover these magical towns where you can enjoy seeing the art produced by the local indigenas, descendants of the Mayan. Atitlan means “At the water”, which is quite interesting as a few years ago it was discovered that an ancient Mayan City was buried in the lake, like the legend of the Atlantis. There is beautiful artisanal pottery, amazing paintings of the life of the villages, the colorful and beautiful Mayan clothing, bed spreads, pillows, table mats and more that will make you desire to have at least one or two pieces to take back home. Plan your lunch and breakfast as you wish – we have excellent options of local restaurants on the way to the lake and on arrival as well.

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