Drive to Rio Dulce with the option of seeing a remarkable Mayan site: Quirigua –known for the important stelaes and history written in them and in addition known for being a ceremonial site. You will be also amazed by the banana plantations seen on the way as Guatemala is a huge exporter of the well known Chiquita bananas among other brands. On arrival take a boat with a bilingual guide whom will show you Natures Gardens. Navigating thru this amazing river, you will have the feeling of navigating the Amazons in Brazil. Rio Dulce hosts quite a Marine as well, were world sailors put away their boats for a while, to explore by land this part of the world. The river flows after Lake Izabal were a Spanish fort was built, to protect their commerce good from pirates. It connects with the Caribbean Sea, at a town where you can also stop to enjoy a delicious sea food chowder called Tapado and learn from the locals culture, dances and different language inhabitants are African descendants and what is even more, they are considered a Living Human Patrimony – maybe is not a coincidence that the town’s name starts with the word Living.

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