The Home of the Mayan Civilization

Travel to the home of the Mayan and learn about this amazing world site. Start the morning stopping for breakfast at a local restaurant. On the way enjoy the views of the lake Peten Itza. On arrival, enjoy the jungle feeling and be aware of seeing wild life while driving thru the road and inside the site. This is the real wild life paradise. It can be a one day tour or part of a customized tour of 3 to 5 days (which would include the colorful Island of Flores and a visit of Rio Dulce. Tikal rose up 250 years AD. Their history was left behind in the amazing pyramids of Tikal: some were altars, stars observatories, sacrifice buildings, royalty homes, big complexes for the ball game; they also left texts behind written in codes on stone (some known as Stelae) and leather. They believed in many different Gods, the God that created man from Corn, death God, rain God and sun God, wind God, earth God, and many other Gods that protected them. Itzama for example was the God of the skies, day and night, but their main God was Quetzalcoatl or feather serpent, or also beautiful serpent and they believed that other Gods were created by Quetzalcoatl. Their political system was governed by religion and some governors made their people believe that they themselves were Gods; they closely followed eclipses - the Dresden Codex contains very precise tables of Venus and the moon and a description of a method to predict solar eclipses-, created a calendar, were amazing astronomers, architects, merchants, and much more. It was an amazing culture that left behind one of the greatest places to visit in this world. Visit the home of the best Jade Jewelry creators in the world and chocolate drinkers, as you may have heard before, for this is also the home of chocolate.

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