his day is celebrated in all the country and it’s a special time for families to get together and pray for those whom have died in their families, lighting candles around their pictures like an altar type of thing. There is also a special dish and desserts eaten all over Guatemala. Fiambre, the name of this special recipe, is made of almost all vegetables found in the markets, varieties of cheese and meats. The desserts are commonly varieties of pumpkin cooked in sugary preparations with spices and other secrets of the Guatemala Cuisine. Also many people visit their dead families at the cemeteries and adorn them with beautiful flowers, talk to them and pray for them. But one of the most interesting and great and fun things of this celebration happens in Quetzaltenango. It’s a festival, in the cemetery of Sumpango and each family take a plate of Fiambre to their dead ones, and fly kites. These are not the regular kites you have probably seen before, they are huge 10 to 22 meter colorful kites which take the hands of three or more men to elevate to the sky on height of at least 8 meters. It is quite an experience which you can enjoy on the 1 of November. Small kites are also flown by kids for fun during the month of October.

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