When you choose to come to Guatemala, you probably heard that Guatemala has one of the most exquisite coffees in the world; many would consider it the best. For many years coffee was our number one export. The incomparable weather for which Guatemala is called the country of the eternal spring, is partly due to the altitude, the soil, volcanic minerals and love and caring of the people who grows in this paradise the coffee bean and more, all influential characteristics that give Guatemalan coffee an incomparable flavor.

Coffee was brought to the country by Jesuits priests in 1700 to adorn their gardens and of course, harvest some and drink it. A hundred years later, a plague destroyed the main products that sustained the Guatemalan economy (coffee and sugar) for which the government implemented the project of incentivizing growers to plant coffee and soon the whole first commercial harvest was exported to Europe! After that event, exporting coffee became the main economical activity of the country!

Countries like France and the United States awarded us with being the number one coffee in the world. Coffee is grown in five main regions: Antigua, Cobán, Huehuetenango, Atitlán and Fraijanes. Although, we are proud to say that Antigua’s coffee is considered one of the finest in the world. Some coffee plantations have opened their doors to show and teach about this majestic drink, offering tours thru their plantations where you can learn about the process.


Filadelfia Coffee Plantation, one of the biggest coffee plantations in the country, has open their doors to share their traditions of the cultivation and process behind your morning Capuchino.

Well balanced in acidity, this tour will show you the processes involved in growing it, the harvest, bean selection, washing and roasting and ending the tour with an exquisite cup of coffee. This is a 3 hour tour partly riding on a Unimog. Get picked up at the Capuchinas Convent or at the Hotel if you are 4 or more (groups as well).

$ 20.00 per person (No pax minimum)

Book it at reception or at our tour company Desafio Guatemala inside the Hotel. You may choose the schedule you prefer whether in the morning or the afternoon. Available schedules are 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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