Jade is our a heritage of the Mayans; it is not a precious stone, but it is exceptional, beautiful, and in Guatemala, we have the hardest jade variety that there exists in the whole wide world. The Jadeite of Guatemala has to be cut with diamond point, and in the past it took Mayans quite some time to carve and design the precious jewelry that lasted thru many generations up until today, being preserved by museums and by collectors that actually discovered some of these amazing pieces.

It was discovered in Guatemala, some exotic collars and head crowns of these beautiful stone, in different shades of green, though in Guatemala is the only country were you can find some of the fines varieties and also colors like purple, pink, white, orange and shades of blue, grey, green and black including moon stone like color. One of the most valuable shades is the Imperial Jade also known as the Guatemalan Emerald. Hard to find, it is extracted of a fine vein of a piece of jade stone. Princes Jade is also very valuable, is harder and translucent.

It is known as the "stone of heaven" as was used by Mayan Royalty. They not only used necklaces or crowns, they carved bracelets, pectorals, rings, earrings and impressive masks used for different purposes, some spiritual linked also to death and life.

Discover this beautiful stone, history and variety of shades and designs in the Mayan Museum and Jade Factory in Antigua Guatemala, and take back home a piece of Guatemala that will endure thru generations.

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