Antigua and its surroundings, the high lands and lower lands of Guatemala, the towns around the lake like Santiago de Atitlán host some of the most impressive artists in this world. In Guatemala you can enjoy the art of the indigenous thru their paintings, pottery and hand crafted wood pieces, some styles which are known internationally. The most beautiful homes of Guatemala host and collect these pieces of art not only for the visual pleasure but also because of its history and cultural importance. Some of these pieces are highly priced but also there is a lot of amazing art which you can buy and easily take back home. There are some museums in
Antigua and more local museums in the villages around Lake Atitlan.

There is also Mayan performance Art, which it is acted by indigenous dressed in colorful costumes designed as a result of a mix between their culture and the Spanish culture. The music used in these arts is very artistic as well, using Marimba which is our national instrument, chirimias which is the local flout, and local drums among other local crafted instruments. Their dances and performances tell stories about their past, the conquest, their daily lives, and even their religious believes.

Some of these performances are acted for special dates whether these are religious or local celebrations accompanied with the burning of incense and fire crackers.
A very interesting handcrafted art from the Mayans are the wooden hand painted masks used in their performances. The masks are representation of animals like monkeys and deer, and some are representations of the Spaniards faces. It is a tradition for wealthy Guatemalans, to have at home a full wall adorned with some antique masks of these dances and performances.

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